Bridge Type Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine (Up Stroke)

  • Continuous Vulcanizing
  • Continuous Vulcanizing
Continuous Vulcanizing
Continuous Vulcanizing
Clamping Force:9100 tons

  • Multi-ram distribution on the platen without moveable traverse to reduce the material cost.
  • The bottom of cylinders is contacted to platen with more pressing area to have better surface pressure.
  • The capacity is ranging up to 14,400 tons as to customer’s requirements in the market.
  • With automation guiding mechanism to make sure material belt at centering position.


Auxiliary Design:
  • Comply with multi-station operation, we establish the convenient and safety process in steel cord conveyor belt production. Such as wind up station, pull roll stand, bobbin device, hydraulic clamper and tensioner and so on.
Application Examples:
  • Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Chevron Conveyor Belt
  • Package Handling
  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
  • Studded Stair Tread
  • Rubber and synthetic sheet