Tailor-made Solutions

Rubber Molding for Industrial Application

Industrial applications comprise numerous high-tech sealing elements in mechanical engineering, transmission belts, and other special purpose applications. Roll covers are manufactured to cover the needs of various industries, the paper industry with large sets of rubber-coated rollers to reduce water contents in the paper mass, in particular. To a certain extent, rubber materials are still used for coating and protection of the process equipment and tanks.
Strength and thermal source, Tung Yu integrates these basic elements and provides turnkey solutions. Our machines are applied to produce water pipes, dock fenders, water dams, steel cord convey belts, flat conveyor belts and so on. Some of those products need a great clamping force. Such as steel cord conveyor belt, our capacity is range up to 14,000 tons clamping force. Tung Yu has the R&D team and experience for heavy-duty type machines and turnkey solutions.