Tailor-made Solutions

Rubber Molding for Automotive Applications

Our machines are applied to produce road vehicle and farm vehicle parts, such as seals, dust covers, shockproof rubber, windshield wiper, tires, car window seals, car bumpers, tracks and so on. Not only rubber but also composites have various productions. Tung Yu has a lot of experience in vehicle parts applications. We provide compression and injection molding machines based on different products and demands from customers.

Automotive spare parts Industry: industrial oil seals, automotive oil seals, valve seals, packings and brake linings, dust proof boot seals and so on.
Tire Industry: light truck tires, industrial tires, agriculture tires, passenger car tires, motorcycle tires, bladders, tire flaps and so on.
Retreaded tire Industry: high temperature retreaded tires, low temperature retreaded tires and solid tires.