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Cross-border cooperation , by creating a win-win situation.

For the past 16 years TUNG YU has been in contract with the rubber injection manufacturing leader REP International of international marketing cooperation, with multi-channel distributions and so much technological ties that have created synergy of 1+1>2 condition.

In the beginning of year 2020 , Tung Yu and REP International have a new prospect and market strategy for the future— President Chen Pin YANG kindly invites REP GROUPS CEO ─ Mr. Bruno TABAR to our headquarter Nantou Taiwan to open up a series of positive dialogues of the new markets and applications.

In this meeting, Both leaders are hand in hand to take the challenge of business environment turbulence , with firm integrity and management philosophy, and then successfully reach an new agreement for current market breakthrough.

It is believed that with this new strategic cooperation will bear fruit in the near future and much more business sales than before.