Auxiliary Equipment Metal Chip Compactor

  • Auxiliary Equipment For Metal Chips Recycling
Auxiliary Equipment For Metal Chips Recycling
  • The volume of chips reduced to 1/5~1/50. Reduction of piling up space and transportation and man-power costs.
  • Only less than 5% remaining oil in the compressed block, and more than 95% cutting oil can be recycled. You can create much more recycling value.
Application Examples:
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Casting iron
  • Stainless steel
  • General steel material, such as SS and SC


Technical Specifications:
Machine Type   YCP-100H YCP-103H
Max. compression force tons 100
Max. working pressure Kg/cm² 210
Chip Cross-section Dia. mm ∮90
Compression surface pressure kg/cm² 1570
Oil tank volume L 120 300
Motor of compression cylinder kW 5.5 14.9
Vertical axial motor kW 0.75
Horizontal axial motor kW 0.4
Hopper volume L 100
Height of hopper mm 1301
Machine size mm L2160 * W1021 * H1655 L2531 * W1121 * H1992
Cycle time
(according to each material)
sec. 40 20
Compressing Capacity
(according to each material)
kg/hr 60-90 120-180
Machine Weight (With hydraulic oil) KGS 1800 2520