.Total solutions to convert chip/scrap into profit.
What will you benefit after using Tung Yu Chip Compactor:
.The volume of chips reduces to 1/5 ~1/50.
.Reduction of pilling up of space.
.Reduction of transportation & man-power expenses.
.Only less than 5% remaining oil in the compressed block, more than 95% cutting oil can be recycled, enhances recycling values.
.Working area remains clean & neat.
.Ideal management of environmental protection.
Suitable extrusion material:
.Copper、Stainless Steel、Aluminum、SS、SC、Casting Iron

2015 National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 34362015/5/26-29Melbourne Convention & Exhibition CenterAustralia
IOM 2015: The Twenty Second National Rubber Conference  2015/6/18-21KwaZulu NatalSouth Africa
DKT 2015 (IRC) 12-3462015/6/29-7/2Exhibition Center NurembergGermany
2015 Myanmar International Machine Tool & Automation Exhibition 1472015/7/22-7/25MEP(Myanmar Event Park)Myanmar
2015 International Elastomer Conference 6512015/10/13-15Cleveland Convention Center – Cleveland, OHU.S.A.


Tung Yu is world’s leading diversified manufacturer for vacuum hydraulic, compression, transfer molding, rubber injection molding & vulcanizing processing machinery...

Our machinery is designed for processing involved with temperature and pressure, rubber and silicon -based applications are the majority but in some metal processing as well. Customers are in big ranges such as Automotive parts, 3C, Aerospace, Military, Medical equipment, Transportation, Tire-Retread, Solid Tire, Rubber block, Conveyor belt, and Dock fence manufacturing. Our production capacity ranges from 5 ton up to 13,000 ton and we own competitive customized design ability.
Since its inception in 1983, Tung Yu’s product were exported to more than 62 countries worldwide and has become a well-known brand in the market. Tung Yu acquired ISO 9001: 2008, keep working on Research & Develop innovation and make efforts in the enhancement of quality and technique. Our products conform to CE conformity and have been awarded three years “National Awards of Outstanding Small and Medium

Enterprises”, "Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award” and “Research & Development Innovation Award of Rubber Machinery in TaipeiPLAS 2010” in succession. We are proud to say we are your first choice of hydraulic machinery.