Specialty and Innovation

An innovation-driven supplier of force and heat modules

Tung Yu started out as a manufacturer of rubber vulcanization press, which involve even distribution of pressure and temperature. In development of the related machinery, Tung Yu designed two different modules of force and heat and established comprehensive PC-assisted engineering analysis capabilities to accumulate substantial design and sales experience over the years. To change the conventional operation of rubber hydraulic press maker, Tung Yu utilized its existing technical capabilities to create force/heat machine modules that have been further refined into very satisfactory solutions. Presently, the company has expanded its business from the traditional rubber industries to consumer electronics , composite materials, plywood, metallic musical instruments and others.

  • ISO 9001
  • TUV
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC Approval
  • OSHA
  • CSA

Ultra-modern Equipment

We invested a machinery facility HX635 from Quaser. This machine is driven by the lead-screw, and equipped with Germany brand of linear transducer to meet high machining accuracy with fast speed. By exchanging the worktable with tool, it could have multi-surface operation and once-complete cycle. Compare to the traditional machining tools, this facility increases 3-4 times of working efficiency with loading process saving. Tung Yu provides high-tech solutions that increase the production capacity to our end customers and make them more competitive. We love to create and devote our best because customer’s success is our success. Equipped with ultramodern facilities and years of hydraulic machinery manufacturing experience, we guarantee ourselves to give customers profit-making, modern machines that are user friendly, safe and easy to maintain. Our advanced automated production equipment and exquisitely produces assembly lines fully demonstrate TUNGYU’s first-rate production quality. The direct participation of technical experts in the production process guarantees the utmost stability and reliability of our products. Our increasingly acute awareness of excellent products and the continual output of fine industrial-use products are contributing to the ever changing spirit of the global hydraulic machine industry. In whatever manner the world changes, the persevering pursuit of TUNGYU’s staff toward perfection will persist. We aim ourselves as a future hydraulic machinery provider.