Specialty and Innovation

Development of core technologies, research and patents

“Often imitated, Never duplicated” is Tung Yu R&D persistence, the company has established the brand image of flawless quality and maintains a leading position through constant product innovation. Tung Yu has a professional R&D team and a wide range of foreign and domestic product patents for mechanical design, and electrical and hydraulic systems. Driven by the spirit of forming innovation, our R&D teams have worked tirelessly towards refinement and the advanced development of CAD systems and FEA analysis to ensure product quality while for optimized design. Given the need for core technologies for different products, Tung Yu continues to enhance its computer aid design and engineering (CAE) analysis capabilities for heat and force to further expand its product lines and market.

Heat and Force Tech Development

Energy saving technology :

  • Heat resistance / Heat transfer efficiency
  • Reduce power consuming
  • Recyclable material applications

Optimization of Product precision :

  • Uniform thermo distribution
  • Speedy temperature adjustment control

Value added development :

  • Industry 4.0 applications
  • Cloud computing applications
Thermal Fluid Analysis

To improve the heating effective, Tung Yu establishes the analysis ability of heat conductivity for three kinds of heating way-electric heat, thermo oil and steam in order to have the best temperature distribution.

3D Module Simulation

Tung Yu unitize the latest software for 2D, 3D design and has self own R&D engineer /designer which provide fast and accurate drawing/design plan, 3D animation for complicate design, gives easy and complete understanding of customer and ensures our design meets customer’s requirements perfectly.

FEA Finite Element Analysis

How could Tung Yu be sure the press structure built is firm and strong enough? Compare to traditional manufacturer, Tung Yu utilize FEA Finite Element Analysis with COSMOS software, through several simulation, efficiently modify and improve structure design until it reaches the standard of safety factor.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Integrated management to system e-Manufacturing and synchronized engineering Simplify documentation process and accelerate the Design Process Production knowledge management. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM) Shop Floor Tracking System (SFT)

Technology Evolution History and Millstones

1988Development of ultra-high temperature vacuum 400 tons composite molding machine

1990Implementation of CAD / CAM system.
High / Low Temperature Tire Retreading Vulcanization Machine developed.

1993Vertical 1000 c.c. rubber injection machine was developed and launched in the market.In cooperation with “Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute” developed Oil Seal Gyration Testing Machine.

1995Ahead of industry researched and developed 3800 tons large size vulcanizing machine.

1997THP-V-250-3RT model was developed and launched in the market for the production of computer hard disk seals.

1998In cooperation with "Precision Machinery Research and Development Center," conduct TYC model’s "CE mark" counseling. In the same year came by EMC certification.
Sign agreement with "Precision Machinery Research and Development Center", to carry out "FEA finite element analysis job" counseling.

200065 tons Vacuum Oil Seal Vulcanization Molding Machine developed.
Medical / Pharmaceutical Stopper Molding Machine developed.

2008Launched FIFO rubber injection molding machine RTAXS series in the market. Obtained a new patent of “transfer mechanism of rubber vulcanizing molding machine.” Obtained new patents of “the drum vulcanizing quipment with easily replaceable steel strip” and “transfer mechanism of rubber vulcanizing machine.”

2010Energy saving rubber injection machine and energy saving servo hydraulic system were developed and launched in the market. Energy saving insulation board was developed and launched in the market.Developed Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine/Line.

2012Developed YCP series chip compactor machine to convert chip and scrap into profit.

2014Developed all Electric Compression Forming Machine.

1985TYC series Post-Type Compression Forming Machine developed.

1989THP-V-250 Vacuum Type Keypad Molding Machine developed.

1991THP-V-100-3RT Oil Seal Vulcanization Molding Machine developed.TR-250 Precision Rubber Slicer (Preformer) developed.

1994TIP Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine developed.

19961600 ton Track Vulcanization Molding Machine developed.
2400 ton Vulcanization Molding Machine developed for Japan market.
TCP Series Oil Seal Molding Machine developed for US market.

1999Implementation of MIS system and full computerization.
Rotocure Press developed.
The development of 10,000 tons steel cord conveyor belt vulcanizing machine.
Achievement of ISO 9001 certificate.

2001Technically cooperated with Japan “Wako Seiki Co., Ltd.,” to develop an automatic horizontal injection machine.

2004In cooperation with Rep International, successfully developed new type RTIP rubber injection molding machine.

2009Obtained new patent of “drum vulcanizing equipment.” Cumulatively obtained 21 new patents from the Republic of China, and 12 patents from People’s Republic of China.

2011Type 32/ type 42 / type 48 / type 51 new tire vulcanizing machines were developed and launched in the market. In cooperation with Rep International developed third-generation closed-loop injection machine RT9 and launched in the market. Developed the new product identity.The biggest in the world 3.6 m ROTOCURE developed.

2013TIP series injection volume 15000 c.c. and clamping force 1200 tons Jumbo Size Injection Molding Machine developed Developed Jumbo Size of Composites Materials Forming Machine.