Report - TAIPEIPLAS 2018

Once every two years, 2018 Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show had a perfect ending last week.






 Brand new technology on Taipeiplas 2018

    Tung Yu keeps focusing on the innovation of the latest and high-quality machinery to provide customers with all solutions. In 2018TAIPEIPLAS we announced the new technology patent on iTungYu efficient injection molding machine which is equipped with new design of universal cold runner block (UCRB) developed by our innovation center. Except the rubber compound application, we also demo one all electric automation composites forming machine for the thermoplastic process with carbon fiber shoes sole making. To provide more support with intensive automation on energy and labor saving topic, Tung Yu and G-Way collaborates in operation strategy to fulfill different automation application for clients to save production on labor, time and high quality.

    In the meantime, iTungYu efficient injection molding machine with UCRB and double shuttle front kits has won the first prize of Research & Development Innovation Award of Rubber Machinery. we have developed lots of different projects and successfully applied for multiple fields. To accomplish the needs from our customers, Tung Yu keeps moving forward on innovation and never lags behind.