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Hydraulic Tire Curing Press
  • • Equipped with servo motor for energy saving, product quality stabilization and operation efficiency.
  • • Accurate loader and unloader mechanism with bumper function for excellent alignment.
  • • Heating platen with special channel design for temperature uniform distribution to have best tire quality.
  • • Rear pneumatic inflator (option): Equipped at the rear side of main frame to operate in automation. After curing process the inflation tire will be cooling and forming to prevent body from deformation and make sure quality.


Precure Tread Vulcanizing Double-side Multi-layer
  • • Multi-layer design performs high efficiency.
  • • Multiple cylinders controlled by precise hydraulic oil circuit, to ensure synchronizing movement.
  • • Apply thermal analysis to enhance platens precision. Utilize FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to make sure structure safety.


Solid Tire Vulcanizing Machine (Slab Side Type)
  • • Four stations with three decks design to improve productivity.
  • • Equipped with demolding kit to improve automatic process and save labor cost.


Hydraulic Tire Curing Press
  • • Main frame consists of steel plate and U type steel welding with high temperature treatment. After maching, release stress to improve machine life cycle. 
  • • Return oil with filter and cooler to maintain stable hydraulic system.
  • • Excellent solid frame mechanism design with FEA approval to enhance body strength. Advantages:
    • 1. Quality: Better tire quality and precision with high productivity.
    • 2. Management: Lower maintenance cost.
    • 3. Environmental protection: Energy saving.


Retread Tire Vulcanizing Machine (Slab Side Type)
  • • Special for nylon cord retread tire with high temperature or second curing for tire with low temperature.
  • • With loading and unloading platform to save labor handling.
  • • Apply high temperature curing for better efficiency.


Tire Bladder Vulcanizing Machine
  • • The model is designed for molding of bladders.
  • • Main frame designed in slab side type ensures firm and durable mechanism.
  • • To fit factory and operation height, main structure is designed to put into the pit.
  • • High daylight for easily loading and unloading.
  • • With automatic clamper to pick up products (option).