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Tire Bladder Vulcanizing Machine
  • • The model is designed for molding of bladders.
  • • Main frame designed in slab side type ensures firm and durable mechanism.
  • • To fit factory and operation height, main structure is designed to put into the pit.
  • • High daylight for easily loading and unloading.
  • • With automatic clamper to pick up products (option).


Tire Flap Curing Machine
  • • Special for making tire flap.
  • • Main frame with slab side mechanism for mold easily change. Top cylinder design with low working height for ergonomic engineering.
  • • High daylight with mold operation could make max. four flaps in one cycle.
  • • Automatic moving up and down with simple operation to decrease cycle time and improve productivity.

TYC-16-S-PCD-2L (CE)

Double Deck Compression Forming Machine
  • • Double decks design for more rubber sample test to save costs.
  • • With precision temperature controller to have real material analysis.
  • • Compact size is suitable for operation in laboratory.