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Rubber Loading Pot In Rear
  • Advanced 3 and 4-layer continuous transfer injection with vacuum design.
  • Injection pot equipped with cooling system for consistent molding.
  • Double stations configuration, with lateral or rear loading that save space and increase productivity.


Transfer Injection Molding (CE Certified)
  • The transfer pot is equipped with thermal oil controller for stable temperature of rubber material. 
  • The machine has a second transfer function for customers’ various products.
  • Lateral hydraulic ejectors precisely controlled by linear transducer.
  • Equipped with temperature regulator for customers’ various rubber materials. 


Punch Machine
  • ●This machine is designed especially for cutting the final products, capacitor and medical products.


Multi-Deck Type (Down Stroke)
  • This model is designed for vulcanizing multiple molds in one simultaneous process, saving a great deal of time and production cost.


Double Decks Shuttle Type
  • Optional to use either single mold or two molds in production and shuttle for both sides.
  • Multi-deck and shuttle design for customer’s different production needs to increase productivity.


All Electric Automation Composites Forming Machine
  • To precisely control the forming temperature, the machine designed with independent ceramic heating system for quick materials preheating. 
  • Equipped with auto-loading & unloading system is able to provide incredible productivity with lowest labor cost.
  • With rapid heating and cooling system to meet the different forming process from customer.