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Advanced Multi-layer Demolding Type
  • ●4-layer mold can be run in different sequences demolding. 
  • Low working height demolding mechanism.
  • Various demolding process.


Advanced Multi-layer Demolding Type
  • Multi-function four-layer mold demolding allows cured products to be easily removed.


Clean Room Standard Vacuum Compression Molding Machine (CE Certified)
  • ●Specialized for manufacturing medical stoppers.
  • Disposal syringe inner pistons.
  • Miscellaneous medical/rubber articles. 
  • Specially designed for clean room to make all types of precision rubber products such as aeronautic O-rings.


Advanced Multi-layer Demolding Type
  • 90°&180° mold plate flip.
  • Cured products can be ejected from top or bottom of mold plates.


Multi-Deck Type (Down Stroke)
  • This model is designed for vulcanizing multiple molds in one simultaneous process, saving a great deal of time and production cost.


Double Decks Shuttle Type
  • Optional to use either single mold or two molds in production and shuttle for both sides.
  • Multi-deck and shuttle design for customer’s different production needs to increase productivity.