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Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine (F.I.L.O.)
  • Simplicity in material preparation, flexibility in the production of complicated product.
  • Compound with vulcanizing process and temperature controlling pre-heating, decrease curing time and increase productivity.
  • Material fully filled with mold via runner path, suitable for complex product forming.
  • Combined with molding design and constant injection control, decrease rubber flash and save labor cost.
  • Vertical mold clamping device is suitable for product with insert.


Jumbo Size Machine
  • Main frame and injection unit equipped with linear transducer to ensure clamping position and injection volume.
  • High efficiency mold vacuum system.
  • Bottom heating platen moves out with mold to keep temperature.
  • With mold safety design on the hydraulic system to detect the abnormal pressure before mold close.
  • Horizontal injection unit to decrease the press height and suitable for premise limit.
  • Suitable for bladder production to increase the bladder life and save materials.


Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Applicable for the production of vehicle parts, electronic and medical goods, infant care and food products etc. Save time for production process and increase productivity. The best solution to support quality and efficiency.


Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine with CRB+ (FIFO)
  • With FIFO injection design, save process time and increase productivity.
  • With the Cold Runner Block (CRB+) control system can high utilization materials by reduce waste and save production costs.
  • Compiled with OPC UA standard, seamlessly integrate other molding equipment and peripheral systems.
  • Combined with molding design and automation operating system, to increase productivity.


J- Frame Rubber Injection Molding Machine (F.I.L.O.)
  • Main frame with J type design to save the footprint area.
  • Full operation on HMI with rotation arm to comply with ergonomic design.
  • Optimization of temperature regulator design with orderly tubes to save space and improve operation noise.
  • Equipped with guide sleeve on screw inlet to improve the rubber feeding capacity.
  • Screw motor with reverse function, easily remove the residual rubber out of extruder
  • Intelligent integration solution→


Vertical Clamping Frame with Horizontal Injection Unit by Side
  • Vertical clamping frame with horizontal injection unit by side for easy mold changes.
  • Precisely digital counter.
  • FIFO injection unit is more suitable for rubber with high sensitivity on temperature.
  • Could operate with silicone and rubber to increase the utility.
  • With material shortage alarm and mold safety design to prevent defective products and mold damage.