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Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine (F.I.L.O.)
  • Simplicity in material preparation, flexibility in the production of complicated product.
  • Compound with vulcanizing process and temperature controlling pre-heating, decrease curing time and increase productivity.
  • Material fully filled with mold via runner path, suitable for complex product forming.
  • Combined with molding design and constant injection control, decrease rubber flash and save labor cost.
  • Vertical mold clamping device is suitable for product with insert.


J- Frame Rubber Injection Molding Machine (F.I.L.O.)
  • Main frame with J type design to save the footprint area.
  • Full operation on HMI with rotation arm to comply with ergonomic design.
  • Optimization of temperature regulator design with orderly tubes to save space and improve operation noise.
  • Equipped with guide sleeve on screw inlet to improve the rubber feeding capacity.
  • Screw motor with reverse function, easily remove the residual rubber out of extruder
  • Intelligent integration solution→


Double Molds Design (FILO)
  • Main frame with J type design to save space.
  • Front kit with two layers design could operate two molds on the same press to increase productivity.
  • Additional external heating platen for mold pre-heating.
  • Start by two hands, ensure the safety.


Vacuum Chamber Series (FILO)
  • Excellent prevent from heat loss for energy efficiency.
  • Vacuum door design for better compound flow and non-bubbling which enhance the quality of products.
  • Clamping unit can be individually utilized as a vacuum compression molding machine for multiple applications.


Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine (FIFO)
  • FIFO design to ensure quality of rubber compound.
  • Customized type with small injection volume for miniature product.


C- Frame Rubber Injection Molding Machine
  • Easy control and precise injection volume performance.
  • Double stations design for productivity increase.
  • C-frame design for smooth operation.