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Jumbo Size Machine
  • Main frame and injection unit equipped with linear transducer to ensure clamping position and injection volume.
  • High efficiency mold vacuum system.
  • Bottom heating platen moves out with mold to keep temperature.
  • With mold safety design on the hydraulic system to detect the abnormal pressure before mold close.
  • Horizontal injection unit to decrease the press height and suitable for premise limit.
  • Suitable for bladder production to increase the bladder life and save materials.


Vertical Clamping Frame with Horizontal Injection Unit by Side
  • Vertical clamping frame with horizontal injection unit by side for easy mold changes.
  • Precisely digital counter.
  • FIFO injection unit is more suitable for rubber with high sensitivity on temperature.
  • Could operate with silicone and rubber to increase the utility.
  • With material shortage alarm and mold safety design to prevent defective products and mold damage.


Automatic Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine
  • One machine with two sets of front kit to decrease the time of waiting.
  • Continuous process can increase production efficiency.
  • Equip with heating plug to keep mold temperature.


Efficient Injection Molding Machine with Universal Cold Runner Block
  • Save material - Mold with cold runner block system can effectively reduce rubber waste.
  • High utilization rate - Double shuttle front kit design is available for two molds continuing production.
  • Easy to take - With rotation flapping design, the operation area is larger after mold opening to take the finished parts and mold inspection easily.