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THP-V-250-3RT-S-PCD (CE)

Rubber Oil Seal Vulcanization Molding Machine (Slab Side Type)
  • Upper plate swivel degree is adjustable for easily clean.
  • Cavity plate moves to right and knock out for parts collecting automatically.
  • Could be equipped with conveyor belt for automation system improvement.
  • Low working height for ergonomic engineering.
  • Open working area with safety light curtain protection for easily process monitor. 
  • Suitable for 2 or 3 layer molds.


TCP Series Fast Vacuum Slab Side Compression Molding Machine (Down Stroke)

Top heating platen turnover design for easily flashes clean and products take out.
Center plate moves backward and could turnover 180 ° for rear top clapper knock out products.
Equipped with conveyor belt for automation system improvement.
With down stroke design for low working height and ergonomic engineering.