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Heavy Duty Design - Post Type
  • ●With down stroke design to reduce the working height.
  • ●Equipped with locking pin to prevent main ram free moving to make sure operator safety.
  • ●Available to set up half or full stroke on shuttle system.
  • ●Apply for fender and big size rubber parts test.


C Frame With Multi-Ram Design
  • ●Strong and firm steel structure design.
  • Down stroke design with lower working height for ergonomic operating.
  • Equipped with safety catcher (optional) to prevent down stroking structure from free movement.
  • Movable caging design for safety operation and make sure the working area on C frame.


C Type Splicing Machine
  • Joint conveyor belt ends. Front section designed with movable tie bar to ensure structure durability.


Heavy Duty Design - Post Type
  • ●Customized specification available for molding of various large dimensions products.
  • ●After mold opening, lower mold moves forward to operating area with 200% stroke and operator can easily load/unload.


Heavy Duty with Multi-ram Design - Post Type


C Type Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine
  • Optional equipment with mold removal and product lift to improve production process and save labor cost.