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Bridge Type Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine (Down Stroke)
  • Equipped with auto spacer bar adjusting system to make sure the material in center line process.
  • The inside and outside cylinders line could be controlled independently as to different parameters setup from product.
  • Designed with synchronized gear rack mechanism controlled by linear transducer to make sure all movement in parallel.


  • ●Continuous vulcanizing provides high production efficiency and stable quality.
  • Auto latching chuck for safety and promptly loading/unloading material shaft.
  • Control system by PLC and HMI to easily and precisly set up temperature, pressure, speed and other production parameter.
  • Auxiliary equipment such as let-off and wind-up device, steel belt quick exchanging mechanism and tension side spacer is available.
  • Customized design for CE and OSHA conformity machine.


Heavy Duty with Multi-ram Design - Post Type
  • ●For new structure design take CAE software to analyze the stress and deformation to make sure the frame strength with enough safety factor.
  • ●Main frame designed with insulation cover to keep temperature stability and prevent heat loss.
  • ●Movable traverse moving out with heating platen and lower mold to keep heating and prevent heavy mold from deformation.
  • ●Control system by PLC and HMI to easily set up temperature, pressure, speed and auto process.
  • ●Multi-deck, double shuttle and mold opeaning way is available for customized design.


Heavy Duty With Multi-ram Design - Slab Side Type
  • ●Slab side with multi-ram design for duty clamping force operation.
  • Double molds operation at front side to save plant space and increase productivity.
  • Low working height design for ergonomic engineering.
  • Left /right side with operating panel for easily operation.
  • This model is designed for gaskets manufacture and also for wide range of products.


Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine / Line
  • Custom design heavy duty (large tonnage) vulcanization equipment available, production capacity up to 13000 tons. 
  • Central control / system by PLC and touch screen controller.
  • Equipped with cooling system on the bottom of cylinders to prevent oil temperature increase and maintain better endurance operation.
  • The bottom of cylinders is contacted to platen with full pressing area to have even pressure and better product quality. 
  • The seal of cylinders is located far from platen to have longer life cycle.
  • Top cap of cylinders is designed with oil return hole to prevent product polluted from leaking.
  • Customized heating platen size design available.

TRC-∮2000 X L2400 (CE)

  • ●Utilizing Sweden-made SANDVIK steel belt for stable and even working pressure (option: Berndorf or other brands).
  • ●Auxiliary radiation heating system. Heating zones controlled individually.

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