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Special Tilt Compression Forming Machine (Down Stroke)
  • ●Shuttle mold by sliding cart with smooth and precise movement.
  • Down stroke design  with lower working height.
  • Special tilt angle for different mold design. 
  • With separate operational boxes secure safety.


Bridge Type Compression Forming Machine

1. Clamping force : 2000ton
2. Heating platen size : 1500 x 1500 mm
3. Mold closing speed : min. 0.03 mm / sec


Multi-deck Cold / Hot Forming Machine

1. Capable for multi-layer production simultaneously to increase productivity and reduce the footprint and energy consumption .
2. Suitable for : rubber, composite parts, carbon fiber .
3. Multi-layer design with air cylinder for mold movement to increase  productivity.


Fiberglass Products Forming Machines

1. Down stroke design with lower working height.
2. Double stations with the sliding carts  increase the productivity.
3. Sliding carts with position pins  to secure working safety.
4. All heating wiring, vacuum line, air hose, and electrical cable are protected by track during mold sliding process.
5. Mechanical structure depends on products size and production .  


Double Decker Compression Forming Machine (Down Stroke)

1. Clamping force: 150ton
2. Max. surface pressure for product: 600kg/cm2
3. Well mixed auto-feeding.
4. Transparent window to check remaining material in the material barrel.
5. Safety protection: light curtain, dual hand control.


All Electric Automation Composites Forming Machine

1. To precisely control the forming temperature, the machine designed with independent ceramic heating system for quick materials preheating.
2. Equipped with auto-loading & unloading system is able to provide incredible productivity with lowest labor cost.
3. With rapid heating and cooling system to meet the different forming process from customer.